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• Name: Belinda Clarke
• Gender: Female
• Birthday: 10/28/1972 (Age: 40)
• Location: Toukley, NSW Australia, Australia

About Me
im a Scuba Instructor and I am partners in a Scuba Diving Shop

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Entries Written: 41 entries
Comments Written: 1 comments
Signup Date: May 22, 2006
Last Login: September 7, 2008

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aqualungnut, BlowinBubbles, DrBill, H2Andy, jeff98208, MaxBottomtime, satoki, ScubaBob, Sparkles, Tae

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MaxBottomtime, ScubaBob, Sparkles

My Interests: (5)
Scuba Diving, underwater photography, wrecks, nudibranchs, marine conservation

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SCUBA SHACK, my little dive shop in Toukley NSW 41 entries, 11 comments
Listed in The Life of my Dive Center
Diving is what I do

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