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I have a life... because I walk.... I swim... I go underwater.... I dive... yes... I dive....
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A Memorable Memorial Day (by MaxBottomtime)
It's been a long time since we had good visibility. It was poor on Saturday so we took Sunday off to do chores. I was expecting more of the same bad conditions today but was pleasantly surprised to find twenty-five feet visibility at Golf Ball Reef. I shot a variety of critters today, from finfish to shellfish, from  snails to slug... (more)
Poor Conditions Are Bringing Me Down (by MaxBottomtime)
Last week was the worst conditions I've seen in a long time. I was hoping a week of calm water would clear things up a bit. It was better than last week, but still dark and dirty. We tried to dive at Merry's Reef but called the dive after five minutes. We couldn't find the wall, even though I knew we were within twenty feet of it. ... (more)
Conditions In Palos Verdes, Or Why I Need Photoshop (by MaxBottomtime)
I work terrible hours each week, and lots of them. I look forward to the weekends, as it is my only chance to dive. More often than not the ocean is flat with little wind during the week, only to flare up Friday night. This weekend was no exception. Yesterday morning was a no go for us, but by late afternoon it looked like we may be able ... (more)
Largest Octopus Ever... (by MaxBottomtime)
They say that nobody on their death bed ever says they should have spent more time at work. I've been working overtime for what seems like an eternity and was supposed to work on Saturday. The swell models predicted flat seas for the first time in a few weeks so I told my boss I couldn't come in. The seas weren't as flat as predicted and ... (more)
Numb And Number (by MaxBottomtime)
We had terrible conditions yesterday. I was a little surprised when Merry wanted to dive again today. We made our way back to Golf Ball Reef where we found surprisingly good visibility, albeit at a cost. The 49° water felt even colder than it did last week. Many divers say they feel colder on the second dive. We were pretty chilled on... (more)
Yuck In The Muck (by MaxBottomtime)
We watched the swell models all week in anticipation of fueling up the boat and diving the shipwrecks near Los Angeles Harbor. We left our slip nice and early, just in time to see that there were already wind waves building. We made it as far as Marineland before giving up. I had my wide angle lens on the camera so I could try for some... (more)
Chill Pill (by MaxBottomtime)
Now that Spring is in the air, Winter has arrived underwater in Palos Verdes. We had 52° on Golf Ball Reef last weekend. It was a brisk 49° today. Visibility was great, about fifteen to twenty feet, but the temperature gave poor Kevin Lee numb fingers. He probably still got several National Geographic worthy photos. We checked ... (more)
Max Bottompaint (by MaxBottomtime)
Our boat, No Pressure has been in limbo for two months. We needed new bottom paint and some Tender Loving Maintenance but had to wait for the mechanics and the boat yard to synchronize their schedules. During the interim Merry and I worked on the house and I even resorted to beach diving. I plead temporary insanity. We weren't sure ho... (more)
Vet's Dive, or Nothing to See Here (by MaxBottomtime)
Where did you dive today, and what's with all the sand scatter in your photos? I dived at Vet's, and...I dived at Vet's. I haven't made a beach dive at Vet's since I got my camera rig. It's a heavy camera in a thick aluminum housing with two heavy strobe batteries and a heavy diopter for good measure. I was concerned about getting ... (more)
Swell, Or Lack Of Swell Models (by MaxBottomtime)
Predictions looked undiveable this weekend. Overhead surf was predicted for Palos Verdes. Kevin Lee and I braved the ferocious sea this morning for a couple of dives. We braced for the largest swell we saw. It was nearly a foot. Well, six inches anyway. Our first dive was a return to Golf Ball Reef. We can't get enough of the muck ... (more)
Muck Diving, Southern California Style (by MaxBottomtime)
Kevin Lee joined me for more muck diving on Golf Ball Reef this morning. Last week I was surprised to see a fish larger than a goby when a Giant Sea Bass came by to check me out. Today I had the three foot horn shark who seemed extremely interested in my camera. I would take a shot each time it settled on the bottom, only to have it ... (more)
Fog Days Of Winter (by MaxBottomtime)
Just as we were ready to go diving this morning a thick fog bank rolled in. We waited for a long time, then went to breakfast. It cleared enough to go out so we rushed back to the marina. As we motored out of King Harbor the fog returned, but opened up outside the breakwall enough to dive. The visibility on Golf Ball Reef... (more)


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