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Feb. 21, 2007 - The Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project

Donĺt get the wrong impression here. I mean Iĺm not a nomad but I do like the odd adventure abroad. After all, I havenĺt been back to my source in several years. Trust me I do get away from time to time. And Iĺm sure most of you believe me but just in case there are any doubting Thomas types out there I decided that it would be a good idea to do a short entry about my trips further a field. Needless to say thereĺs no promotional intent here whatsoever but feel free to click on the links if youĺre not too busy.


The most recent trip was to The Black Sea, Sudak in the south of Crimea , Ukraine, to be precise,  where there is a magnificent Genoan castle dating back to and probably earlier than the 12th century. Itĺs located in a lovely bay and obviously had many strategic and commercial advantages in the Middle Ages.


Thing is that some time back in the 13th century in peculiar circumstances a Pisan ship sunk or was scuttled or burnt and sunk with a part of its cargo. I mean Iĺm not going to go into the details of how it sunk now but if you read Latin (which I donĺt) or are interested you can read a text from the 13th century at which describes a small sea battle in 1227. Anyway, the wreck is located right here but at about 10-12 metres below the surface of course. It is being excavated by the Centre for Underwater Archaeology  and I went to help. Our job was basically to map and excavate the site as best we could with practically no help from high-tech equipment. The site is not particularly difficult so after mapping the area we mostly proceeded by fanning. Many objects were retrieved from the site including amphorae, plates, bowls, and coins etc You can see pictures at the CUA site. But hereĺs one or two I like.



Of course we didnĺt only work and we did have a bit of time to discover as much about the country as possible during a short stay. Firstly, I took basic Russian lessons in order to order at least and greet people not in that order of course rather greet and then order. This is my lovely Russian language teacher who also taught us some Ukrainian ľ kind of two for the price of one thing! Cheers baby!



We also did some sightseeing and I must say that the Crimea is awesome, like wow!


Not to mention the people. I had a good feeling! What can I say? Seriously, the place is full of history, diversity, and open-air toilets. It's also got great red wine and from what I saw and heard (cos I don't drink the stuff) great champagne. Anyway, enough of the raving ...


Here I tried to teach my dear colleague Yona how to dive. I think she loved it. I hope she did or ů next time ů Anyway, you can see why they call it the Black Sea . Nothing to do with the genre of humour! Well in fact I wanted to upload a photo there's no more space. I must organise myself and reduce my photo size, I reckon. Ah well, use your imagine for this one.




Anyway it was all very well - almost spiffing in fact. You can check out details about the seasonĺs going-ons at but once again I must state that there is no promotional intention here and forget the spelling mistakes ľ itĺs not haoppeming, oh sorry!  And as far as pictures go, you know it takes ages to upload one photo. This is becoming like a full time job! Back with more ravings soon. And remember it's all true - every word of it.


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