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11/30/2007 - Raindrops keep falling on my hood...

But that doesn't mean

We can't get a great dive in!

Dawn, the perfect time for divin'

Dawn, the waves were ankle pounding

Dawn, the viz was 30 plus and

There ain't no worryin' Me


Date: 11/30/2007

Time: 6:20am

Dive Location: Laguna Beach

Dive Site: Shaw's Cove

Viz: 20'+

Water Temp: 61°f

Max Depth: 24'

Bottom time: 52 min.

Buddy: RC


Decided to get a dive in on Friday before the 20% chance of showers forecasted for later that day. RC needed to blow some bubbles too, but had an 8am meeting so we had to make it a quick, and early, dive. RC called on the way to Laguna and said the sky was already dumping, and it was my call. What the heck, only gonna get wet anyway, right?


Suited up and headed down the new stairs at Shaw's. Waves were really small, and tide was going out. A river of Santiago fire soot was already flowing into the surf. Figured now was the best time do get wet - who knew what the conditions (viz, bacteria?) would be like if the rain continued like it was (and it did..)


Dropped down to find 20-30' viz. Entered the crevice, hung a left and down through the swim through (RC's first time in that swim through). We were joined by a seal when we got to the second channel leading to Crescent. Ton's of life and critters, and time flew by as always. Here's some pics and a short video from the dive..


Octopus Pic


Juvenile Garibadi



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