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3/17/2007 - Buggin' Out

Went out last night for a little secret lobster dive, saw the most amazing nudibranch, I wish I'd had ma y camera with me, this thing was huge and very pretty, sort of lavender with lots of frills on it.  Lots of rockfish, a lingcod, a halibut, and six fat lobsters.  3 went about a pound and a half, and the other three were all over 4 pounds!  Oh, I'm eating good in my neighborhood!

Tasty, very tasty!
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2/28/2007 - Avalon Harbor Clean-Up Dive

We went over Friday evening, it was a little dreary all day Friday, so we were a little iffy about the prospect of a nice day for the clean up.  Boy, I've never been more glad I can't predict the weather, Saturday dawned spectacular!  Got in at Step Beach, found a couple of plates for free food at Antonio's, and the usual junk.  A half of a motorcycle tire, bottles, golf balls, etc.  One diver found a Rolex, (yes, a REAL one!), a sleeping bag came up, fishing gear, pretty much the usual suspects, with some neat stuff here and there.
You can see the snow capped mountains from the beach in Avalon.  Great weather!
Me, Dragon, and Amanda

Me and my junk.

After the dive, we had the awards ceramony, gave away $27,000 worth of prizes.  Hey, a good dive, good food, good times!
Giving away swag!

Mmmmmmm, oysters!

Make sure your hair looks good!

Yes, I'm singing kareoke.  Viva Las Vegas!
A great weekend, if you missed it, you missed out!
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2/17/2007 - The Los Angeles Boat show.

Gotta look for a dive boat, right?  Found a few that showed some promise, and ran into  Jack.
Me, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Adam.  The Dale jr. boat is neat, but not the best for diving.

This was my favorite.
Nice, stable, room for four comfortably, six cozily.  Just right.  And of course, it wouldnt be a show without the "Wonder Polish" booth, and the beef jerky guy.  My car is now shiney, and I have eaten a lot of pepper jerky this week!  Now, if I can just invent something cool, or win big on a **** show, I'll buy the boat, as well! 

Dive Safe,

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2/11/2007 - Been far too long

Well, what can I say?  I've had a pretty good run of bad luck.  Most of my gear went up in the fire, and I've not been able to get wet, since!  I borrowed some gear to go on a shark dive, and one shark showed up, he ran as soon as we hit the water.  I replaced my wetsuit, was going to go to Catalina this weekend, it poured rain, with big seas.  So, I'm going to the boat show, instead. I did manage to replace my camera, so I will post up some boat show shots when I get back this evening.  And I am doing the Avalon harbor clean up dive at the end of the month, so I'll have some shots from that, as well.   'My Diving Life', (like the way I worked that in there? ;)  seems to be getting back under way!    
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11/29/2006 - I had a Bad Day

It's been a while...

I came home from a trip to find this.  My apartment burned up.  Most of my stuff is gone, and my cats, Stealth and Bruce Leigh, did not make it.  This sucks.

The funny thing is, I'll be having a normal conversation, and I'll say something like, "Yeah, that's a great movie, I've got it on DVD....no, I don't."  "I should go mountian biking...nope, I don't have a bike."  Then I'll get to thinking about my cats, and get seriously depressed.  I wonder how long this is going to go on.  My dive buddy set up a website to help me out, it feels a little weird, posting a link to it, but here it is;




Drop me a line, I can use the company.

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8/2/2006 - Computer Repair

Wow, been a while!  My computer was down.  So, what's going on?  Well, I've been working on becoming an instructor, went out a couple of times, dives were a blast, yet uneventful.  Working on the TV pilot, we'll keep you posted, as to how that's progressing.  Went to the Dallas Cowboys training camp again, this is the last year it's going to be in Oxnard.  T.O. is in camp, looks pretty good.


We'll see!

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6/2/2006 - Divers Ceviche

Here is a great dish for summer!


Divers Ceviche

3-4 tomatoes
1 yellow Jalapeno pepper
1 small onion
5-6 green onions (scallions)
1-2 cups fresh Cilantro
2-4 Garlic (minced)
3 tablespoons of olive oil
pinch of oregano
pinch of cumin
10 lemons

10 limes

2 thinly sliced habanera, aji Amarillo peruano or rocoto peppers

1-2 lbs. fish (sheephead, halibut, scallops, small fresh shrimp)

Squeeze lemons and limes into large Ziploc bag or Tupperware container

Dice fish in ½ inch cubes.  Place fish in the Ziploc full of the lemon/lime juice...and make sure the fish is completely covered.  Place in refrigerator.  Allow to marinate for 1½  - 2 hours.

Chop and blend other ingredients. Place in large Ziploc bag.  Chill.

After fish has marinated, carefully drain juice and add the fish to the Ziploc full of the other chopped up stuff.  Shake briskly.


Serve chilled, with tortilla chips.  And beer.  CAUTION:  SPICY



Don't expect it to be around long!



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5/22/2006 - Drying out

It's just wrong.  I havn't been diving in two weeks.  I hate it when life gets in the way of ...life.  I hope to get a chance to get out in the gulf this year, and dive the Mighty O.  (As well as some local dives before then!)


Stay wet,


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5/8/2006 - Great White at Santa Cruz

Don't get all excited, that's the name of the boat!  Did three dives yesterday, 'bout time we had some sun!  Water was a little dark for filming, took a limit of scallops, I have a tasty recipe I'll post sometime.  Sauted Scallops with cream sauce over pasta.




Stay tuned!



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4/30/2006 - Santa Cruz/Anacapa on the Peace

Had a nice set of 4 dives on the Peace, I realize not everyone is into the taking of game, and I respect that.  I do enjoy my fresh seafood, so I took a couple of nice rockfish.  Lots of the usual suspects, (octopus were out, I saw several, I think it was the overcast), and a good day of diving.  Hard to get a better boat and crew than the Peace!  Still have not figured out how to download the video, as soon as I do, I'll link to some goodies!


Stay wet,



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4/17/2006 - Easter on the Star of Scotland

Loaded up in the Rubber Ducky for a couple of dives on the Star.  One of my favorite sites, lots of life, and a neat wreck.  First time out with the video camera, as well, so I was ready for some fun.


The first dive was fine, sea lions were out and fiesty, always a good time when the 'locals' dive with you!  Speared a sand bass, just got used to being wet again.  Came up with 1000 psi left.


Surface interval was cool, the sealions wanted us back in the water, I gave them my fish, they didn't eat it right away, had a good game of keep away, though.


Second dive I decided to video, went down to 70 ft, and covered the wreck a few different ways.  Again, lots of interaction with the sealions, lots to see.  Looking for scallops, keeping an eye out for interesting critters, video, spearfishing....over-multi-tasking.


Out of air.


Decided that discretion was the better part of valor, dropped the gun and camera, and headed up.  As I got shallower, I had a bit of gas left, did about a 1 min. safety stop, and hit the surface with about 10 pounds left.  About a 15 min surface interval, and decided to bounce for my gear, I gave myself 3 mins to find it.  I only needed 1.  Grabbed the camera, and the gun, and headed for home.  Realized that the camera had been running the whole time, while reviewing the bottom footage, saw a squid that swam by, and a bat ray.  Kind of cool, the camera had landed right side up.


Lesson learned?  I can multi task, but a video dive has to be a video dive, and nothing more.   A spooky but inexpensive lesson.

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4/14/2006 - Someday I'll dive again...

...but not in this rain.





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4/12/2006 - Not to much going on.

Been a slow week for dive activities, on again, off again rain.  Going to a dive club meeting tonight, the Pacific Explorers, we'll see what comes of that.  On the plus side, I do now have a new dive-mobile.  Some of you may recall my old dive ride...


...Ford Ranger, (the Yellow Submarine), the new one is even better...


...Ford Explorer Sport Trac.  I'm pretty happy with it so far!  (Although it does not lend itself to a catchy nickname.)

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4/10/2006 - Arrrrgh!

It's raining again!!!


This can stop anytime now!!!  Wish I was there!


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4/8/2006 - Aquaman's Movie Review - The Abyss - 1989

The Abyss


Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Micheal  Biehn

Director - James Cameron


There's everything you've ever known about adventure, and then there's The Abyss.


A US Navy missle sub sinks under mysterious circumstances. The boat settles on a ledge several hundred feet deep and on the edge of an even deeper ocean abyss. The SEALS are brought in to salvage the sub's missiles and a deep water oil-drilling rig is commandeered to help. All goes well until the SEAL leader, (Camaron fav Micheal Biehn), suffers from high pressure madness and the rig is visited by the Alien Intelligence that apparently lives in the abyss. The ensuing struggle results in a race against time to prevent World War III.  There are lot's of top flight special effects in this film, and the always much discussed 'breathing liquid' scenes.  Biehn's decent into madness is excellent.


A very good piece of Sci-Fi, with some nice dive bits.


8.0* on the Aquaman 'Movies that feature Diving or Marine Life' scale.

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4/8/2006 - I might get to go diving this weekend.

Till then....


...Rock scallop.  I love the color in this shot.


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4/5/2006 - Too much rain.

I have to live vicariously through my photos...


...this rain is getting on my nerves!


(Ironic, water is preventing me from getting in the water!)


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4/4/2006 - You know him, you love him....



...yes, it's Dr. Bill.

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4/1/2006 - All rise....

...for the State fish of California.




I love the fact that his teeth are orange.


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3/13/2006 - Dive Trip, Two Day.

So, we headed out to the Channel Islands on the dive boat Peace.  The forcast was for massive seas, so I did not have a lot of hope, but lo and behold, the forcast was wrong.  Woke up on the backside of Santa Cruz, calm with not much current.  The first dive, I was hunting, poked a couple of Ocean Whitefish.  Grabbed a few scallops.  The second dive I was taking photos, came accross a big bat ray.  Managed to shoot a few stills, and some video as he cruised away.  Awesome dive!





64 mins.

9:21am - 10:25am PST




63 mins.

11:48am - 12:51pm PST


Hunting again, a few more scallops.  Had an excellent lunch.




66 mins.

1:49pm - 2:56pm PST




53 mins.

3:56pm - 4:50pm PST


Got a great shot of an Anemone.




48 mins.

5:41pm - 6:30pm PST


Night dive, looking for lobsters, lots of shorts, not one legal.  Damn, it was cold!



51 mins.

9:24pm - 10:18pm PST


All in all, a great first day!


Day two, opted out of the mornig dive, (hey, why not sleep in?), enjoyed a leasurely breakfast.  Geared up, stuck a Sheephead, noticed my camera housing had a drop in it, so I retired from photograph for the rest of the trip.


Came up, poured some hot water from the hot tub down my suit, (ahhhhhh!), ad got ready to go down again.

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