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11/26/2009 - Thanksgiving Dive At Marineland

We arrived early to beat the heat, but it was already warming up at 7:30. The swell models all call for high surf the next few days so we wanted to get in a dive just in case they're correct. Thankfully, the waves held off for a few hours. Our swim from the cove to the point was relatively easy thanks to a nice surface current. The kelp was leaning over so I knew we were in for a bit of a rough dive. I had hoped the current was not deep, but we had to fight it all the way back in. We didn't have time for much photography but we were thankful to make it all the way back to the exit with air to spare.
We hung out at Ted's Pinnacle for awhile, taking turns using the three cameras we carried, then fed Abby on our way back. I felt like Elaine Jobin during the exit.

Our Lady of the Garden

Hopkin's Rose


Merry shot some ambient light kelp photos before descending.


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