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11/15/2009 - Catalina Island Moves To Rancho Palos Verdes

For the first time in I don't know how many years we had blue water at Marineland today. It was my 332nd dive here, so naturally I got knocked down upon entry. The waves weren't bad at all, but the uneven rocks gave me a reminder of what happens when you least expect it.
We stopped over Abby and I could see the sunrays reflect on the sand as if it was a swimming pool rather than Marineland. Merry told me to get a shot of it on video. Today was her turn to shoot stills. :)
The kelp and rocks looked so out of place in good visibility. We could see for close to twenty feet, about as good as it gets here. We fed Abby, then enjoyed the kelp forest. At one point we looked up and could see the hotel from the bottom of the reef.
I shot mainy ambient light for the first time. We were so amazed at the conditions that we hardly moved around. We stayed down for over an hour and exited with half-full tanks.
Terranea Hotel from the Garden

Cabezon working on his tan

He's had enough pictures for one day.

The vis was so good I could almost see these guys on a plate



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