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11/7/2009 - More Giant Sea Bass On The Star Of Scotland

We joined Cindy Shaw, Patrick Smith and Dr. John Bibb for a couple of dives on the Star of Scotland this morning. Calm seas and blue water greeted us at the wreck, but the swells picked up later, reducing visibility on the second dive, or was it the third. A diver from the Giant Stride was kind enough to remove our anchor from the wreck and place it in the sand. We searched unsuccessfully for ten minutes for the wreck before giving up. We surfaced, moved the boat and dropped back down to continue our dive.
At least a dozen Giant Sea Bass hovered above midships, with a few following the divers around the wreck. Schools of jack mackerel darted through the water column, while senoritas perfomed a cleaning service for the blacksmiths.

Pelicans that didn't realize their food was a few miles away on the Star

Fish Fiesta

Mackerel leading the way

One of many big boys

Corynactis anemones on the bow

and at the stern

The Great White's wine is still waiting

A little added toilet humor


Gorgonians thrive here

Invertebrate Paradise


And of course, the nudibranchs were out in force...

Patrick and Cindy enjoying the dive a little too much

Merry's video

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