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11/1/2009 - Desert Diving At Marineland

Merry has been spoiled recently with boat diving. I needed to whip her into shape, so we made a long swim at Marineland this morning. The tide was high at six feet, so we didn't have to stumble over many rocks to enter the water. We headed out over the sand and dropped into seventy-five feet. Almost immediatly we began to spot Mantis shrimp everywhere among the tall seapens. A few manmade objects provided home to small creatures. Two octopus and a sunflower star made a home out of a steel pipe, while crabs, snails and brittle stars covered an abandoned net near the old platform. I found my first Channeled Topsnail, Calliostoma canaliculatum on the net.
The last time we tried a sand dive, we ended up in the next cove. This time we stayed slightly to the west as we swam back to the beach. We overshot our target slightly and ended up almost to the point. We made a course correction and made it back to the cove, where I fed Abby for the first time in a month. He looked hungry.


Small crab on the net

Octopus next to the pipe

Poor starving Abby


Channeled Topsnail, Calliostoma canaliculatum

Brittle stars on bryozoan

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