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10/24/2009 - Great Santa Monica Fish Count

The fish were out in force on the Star of Scotland this morning. Halibut, mackerel, ronquils, sand bass, sheephead, perch, blacksmith and more giant sea bass than I've ever seen on one dive.
Clouds of bait swirled around the stern, making patterns and trying to avoid the marauding sand bass.
The visibility was down from the blue water Commodore Andy and Bill MacDonald had on Tuesday, but witnessing a dozen GSB hanging just out of camera range was spectacular. Each time I put my macro lens on to shoot nudibranchs a GSB would swim past me. When I was ready for them, they stayed just far enough away. Hopefully Captain John Bibb got some shots. Merry got some very nice video of the multitude of fish on the wreck on the first dive, then spent much of the next dive freeing a yellow crab caught in mono fishing line.
We found the bottle of Two-Buck Chuck Andy placed back on the wreck for his great white buddy, but he wasn't thirsty today. Maybe he'll stop and visit next time.



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